Cat Scratch Fever aka Bartonella

six cute kitten in a row

There has been a lot in the news lately about bartonella (aka cat scratch disease) and kittens. Bartonella is spread from cat to cat by fleas and ticks.  The bacteria can then be spread to people via cat scratches and bites. (Please see the National Veterinary Lab for more information regarding the spread of bartonella to humans.)

Cats with flea infestations are more likely to be infected with bartonella as are those coming from a shelter or found in the street. A simple blood test of your furry friend will enable us to diagnose bartonella.

Bartonella can cause inflammation in any tissue of the body; i.e. the mouth, skin or internal organs. Bartonella positive cats have been found to have oral inflammatory disease, upper respiratory and ocular diseases just to name a few.

If your cat is infected, we can prescribe antibiotics to rid the bartonella. Treating bartonella has many benefits, for example It has been found that a diabetic cat treated for bartonella can resolve the need for insulin therapy. Testing for bartonella is easy. It can put your mind at ease and help keep your kitty healthy if treatment is needed.