Have you included your pets in your disaster plan?

Puppy HoboRemember, pets are a member of your family.  Don’t wait until it’s too late. Make a plan and be prepared.  Since we don’t know if today will be the day prior to a disaster, let’s be prepared and get ready!

Does your pet have a collar or identification on?
A microchip? This will help you and your pet find each other if the collar comes off.  Make sure that the information is current with the microchip company and your veterinarian.

Do you have a pet carrier and leash that you can use to transport your pet if needed to keep both your pet as well as others safe from your pet.  It is possible that your pet will be very stressed with all the commotion during an evacuation.  Keeping your pet contained will help eliminate the anxiety they might have.

If you are sheltering in a place ensure you have plenty of food/water for your pet as well as yourself.  Pets may not be allowed in local human shelters so it is best to check with the humane society ahead of time which shelter in your area will be able to take you and your pet(s) If you are required to evacuate.  Finding this information out prior to an “event” will be less stressful.  Another option is to look for pet friendly hotels outside the evacuation area. Lastly, call your friends/family and see if you will be welcome in their home with your pet(s).

Now that you have a place to go, it is time to  get started on gathering the information that you will need to take with you. Besides the food, water, medication’s (2 weeks’ worth), trash and cleaning supplies (in case of an accident), it is advisable to take your pets vaccine info., rabies certificate and anything else that would be pertinent to your pets health.