Confusion of what flea and tick product to use?

Dog in natureConfusion of what flea and tick product to use?  We can’t blame you.  With all the new products on the market it is a bit overwhelming.  The important thing however is that you use one of the products to protect your pet.

There are various product that repels and kill ticks and adult fleas while also controlling all immature stages of fleas.  Killing of the immature stages is especially important with a flea infestation. Believe it or not the adult fleas that you see on your pet only accounts for five percent of the flea problem.  The flea eggs, larvae and pupae that are deposited in your home prior to treatment account for 95% of the problem.  It will take several months of using product until all the immature eggs etc. are eliminated.  Only at that time will the infestation in your home be over.  Do not stop using the product prematurely or you will be back to square one before you know it.  If you have a multipet household all pets must be treated.

What is the difference between the topical vs the newer tablets?

A topical product like Vectra will protect your pet “against fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and other biting vectors.  Vectors are parasites that can transmit disease that can make your” pet very sick.   If you have a cat in the house as well please be sure to keep your dog and cat separated after applying the product to your dog.  Once the product is dry they can be as cozy with each other as they like.(the product is only toxic to cats if they ingest the liquid product.)   This product is water-resistant and available for both dogs and cats.  It begins working within two hours.

There are new tablets for dogs that also control fleas and ticks, given in a chew tablet.

Bravecto – a once every 12 week chew.  Kill’s adult fleas as well as the black legged tick, American dog tick, and brown dog tick for a 12 week duration.  Protection from the lone star tick will last for 8 weeks.   It is a tasty chew given once every 12 weeks.  This chew needs to be given with food.  This is a perfect product for someone who has a hard time remembering to use a once a month product.  It begins working within two hours.

NexGard- a once a month chewable is another excellent choice for a chewable tablet.  Perfect to give alongside your once a month heartworm protection tablet.  By giving both tablets at the same time you will be sure to remember.  This makes it effective and easy to use.  It will kills adult fleas as well as treatment and control of American Dog tick.  The other ticks are awaiting approval from the FDA and should occur shortly.   It can be given with or without food and begins working to kill flea 100% of live fleas within 24 hours.

Here is a great app you can download that is educational and will help you identify various ticks.  The app was created by the Cornell cooperative extension.  \

As always if you have any questions, please stop by or give us a call.

Microchip Your Pet

Sad puppy

Enough is enough.  We have had at least four lost/missing pets this past week alone.  This is four too many.  For the most part, assuming no foul play you can be reunited with your pet.  Signs can be put up both in your neighborhood, calls made to all the local area veterinarians. The animal care and control ( even has a website that allows you to both look for and post information about your lost pet.  However, the best way to get your pet back is by making sure your pet has a microchip.  A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice that is inserted behind the neck area of your pet via an injection.  The microchip has a number on it that is just for your pet.  The number needs to be registered with your contact information.  The microchip contact information must be kept up to date in order to be reunited with your pet.  If not, it will be very difficult if not impossible to reunite you with your pet.

All dogs should have a microchip.  Dog’s can get off their leash, be left in the yard or run out of an open door in a matter of seconds.  However, a microchip is not only for dogs.     But…my cat is an indoor cat, it can’t get out.  Really?  For the most part that may be true, however what about the rare instance when the door is left open and your kitty wanders out, and down the hall etc.  Sounds far-fetched, but it does happen.  Or are you one of these people that think that your cat needs to go outside?  Bad idea, you may be asking for trouble.  They can get into fights, contract fleas and become lost.  Please keep your cat indoors and safe.

If you have adopted your pet from a shelter or rescue group, they usually have a microchip inserted.  Did you register the chip in your name?  Not sure?  No worries.  If you have the chip number you can check online at   If you do not know the number of the microchip we can scan your pet.  The scanner is able to ascertain if a chip has been inserted and indicates the number of the chip.