Potential Poison Pitfalls

first aid dogIt is poison prevention week. This is a good opportunity for us to remind everyone that we need to be sure to keep our pets safe. Now is the time to poison proof your home. Something as simple putting both your own medication as well as your pet’s medication in a secure place is an easy place to start.

If you can walk through each room and look around from your pet’s vantage point for possible enticing places for your pet to get into trouble. When you walked in the door did you throw your purse down on the couch? Do you have any sugarless gum with Xylitol or any products that contain nicotine or cannabis for instance in your purse or gym bag?   This could be a perfect storm for trouble with a capital T.  Best to put your contraband out of reach from curious paws and mouths.

Please keep in mind that a trash can in the kitchen can be filled with many different types of toxic products from cleaning supplies to left over chocolate chip cookies or other dark chocolate that you didn’t want to eat. (hard to imagine not eating the chocolate but some of us have more control than I do with chocolate).  In addition, grapes and raisins, coffee grounds, and bones are just some of the hazards lurking in your kitchen trash.  Pet proof the trash so your cat or dog cannot open it and get into trouble.

Wander over to the bathroom. Are you using an automatic toilet bowl chemical cleanser?  If so please keep the lid down, pet safe. We would not want anyone drinking the chemically treated water. Common human medicine like acetaminophen (Tylenol) and ibuprofen (Advil) can be extremely toxic to pets if ingested.

In the garage, there can be automotive products that are toxic to pets as well.  Not to mention things on the street your pooch might pick up and ingest while you’re not looking.

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