Dog chewing bone NO

Myth: Dogs need to chew on bones to clean their teeth.

Not true.  Allowing your dog to chew on bones is subjecting them to fractures and even broken teeth.  Bones are stronger than the enamel of your dog’s teeth.  If you are giving them bones to help keep their teeth clean.  Don’t.  Brush your dog’s teeth daily with enzymatic toothpaste.  Have the teeth professionally cleaned yearly as needed.  But do not allow your dogs to chew on bones.  Chewing on bones causes damage/pain to your dogs teeth.

Myth: Dogs are able to eat bones because that is what they did in the wild.

Wrong.  By allowing your dogs to eat bones- accidently or intentionally you are leaving your dog open for potentially life threatening intestinal/digestive problems.

While walking your dog if somehow they grab a bone, immediately seize the bone as soon as possible.  Perhaps you had chicken for dinner for example, or a dinner that has bones left over.  Please discard them safely.  Somehow with bones in the trash your dog will find a way to open the trash can and feast on the bones.  This is very dangerous.  It just takes one bone to splinter causing a very sharp edge that can cause damage to the intestinal tract.  It may need to be repaired surgically.

My dog ate some bones and is now very constipated.  That should be a signal to you to bring your pet into the doctor immediately.  Believe it or not the ingested bones can obstruct the digestive tract.  They cannot pass them.  Your pet perhaps will need to be disimpacted and have enemas to try and remove the digested bones.  If that is not possible depending on your pet’s condition and age surgical intervention may be needed as well.

This all can be avoided by not giving bones and disposing of them properly.

Bones are unsafe for your dog. In this podcast, Dr. Larry Kornegay, president of the AVMA, talks about why it’s a bad idea to give your dog a bone.  Take a minute and give a listen.

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