Have you ever wondered why you cat may be constipated?  Cats are commonly afflicted with constipation for numerous reasons.

  • One most common incriminating factor is a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Another factor believe it or not stems from obesity.  The abdominal musculature weakens with obesity making it more difficult to defecate.
  • In addition, significant numbers of cats with constipation are chronically, although mildly, dehydrated.   An all dry diet is a common culprit.

Wondering how you can decrease the chance of your kitting being constipated?

  • Maintaining a normal body weight is imperative.
  • Increasing exercise by encouraging foraging behavior.  I.e. perhaps place the food/water bowl in a location that causes your kitty to have to “work” to get to it.
  • Purchase a kitty laser light and see if you kitty will try and chase it around or perhaps even a toy to bat around.  Anything to get him/her moving.
  • Some cats end up drinking more water when a kitty water fountain is used.  They love the moving water.
  • If still not increasing water consumption, perhaps you can by flavoring the water bowls with a small amount of tuna or clam juice will help.

Making certain your indoor cat is active and at a desirable weight, eating some wet food and drinking sufficiently is the best way to prevent this problem.

However, a small percentage of cats have mega colon. This is a disease where lack of nerve innervation from the spine to the colon causes a lack of normal peristalsis (stimulation of the intestine). These cases are more difficult to manage and will need laxatives, stool softeners and high fiber diets. Those that cannot be managed medically may need colectomy (surgery) to remove the affected portion of the bowel that is lacking nerve impulses.  If you cat is constipated.  Do not wait to give us a call.  The situation may not resolve itself without intervention.