Keeping your pet safe for the holidays

holiday-400Getting ready for the holidays is always exciting.  But please keep in mind that the holidays can also be dangerous as well.  It is our job to protect our pets against unforeseen dangers.  When decorating your home please keep glass, or plastic ornaments out of paws reach.  Shards of breakable ornaments can be very sharp and get into the paw.  Tinsel may be very enticing due to its shimmer,  especially to cats, however is extremely dangerous to your pets.  If ingested it can obstruct the digestive tract, cause vomiting, dehydration and even emergency surgery.

When entertaining it may seem hard to resist, but please do not give people food to your pets.  What is yummy to you may lead to GI distress or can be toxic to your pet. Giving your pet fatty foods can lead to pancreatitis.   Treats, especially those containing chocolate, Xylitol, grapes/raisins, onions are a few that need immediate medical attention.  Treating a potential problem early is the key to a successful outcome.

With regards to plants;  poinsettia, holly and mistletoe can be dangerous and cause gastrointestinal upset or, in rare cases with mistletoe, cardiovascular problems.  Perhaps you should consider leaving the tinsel off the tree, especially if you have a cat in your home.   We also suggest if possible that you secure your Christmas tree to keep it from falling if your dog bumps it or your cat decides to climb it.

Unattended candles or the Chanukah menorah can pose a danger to pets as well.  Your cat or dog may wander too close to the flame perhaps either burning themselves or worse yet, starting a fire.  Please don’t leave the candles unattended with your pet around.

Please have a safe place for your pet to go when they need to get away from all the excitement whether in another room or in their crate.  Have fun, keep everyone safe.

These are just a few things to keep in mind this upcoming holiday season.